Proform Concrete Services is honored to have won the 2022 ACI Awards of Excellence in Concrete in the Advanced Concrete Construction category for Cummins Fort McMurray Yard Reconstruction & Bonded Concrete Overlay.

Project Team

Owner: Cummins Sales and Services Inc.

General Contractor: Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Major Sub-Contractor: Proform Concrete Services

Concrete Supplier: Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Concrete Cutting: McMurray Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc.

Engineer: Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd.

Engineer: Parkland Geotechnical Consulting Ltd.

Project Synopsis

Category: Advanced Concrete Construction

Cummins was looking for a long-term solution to asphalt that failed after 4 years of operation in their new industrial facility in Fort McMurray. This facility endures constant heavy loading of massive engines on a large capacity forklift throughout the yard and required a pavement that could withstand the constant heavy loading.

Bonded concrete overlay was the best solution utilizing a combination of flexible and rigid pavements and achieved the owner's budget, schedule and requirements. The durability of this option requires less maintenance and therefore less disruption of operations and delivers a 15 year lifecycle.

Because this facility requires a dust free environment, the selection of bonded concrete overlay was ideal because the asphalt gave an immediate solution sealing the surface and the concrete added the rigid component for a long term lifecycle.

This project marks the first time a bonded concrete overlay was utilized in an industrial application in Alberta.  What makes this project unique is new asphalt was placed under the concrete to withstand the heavy loading of a large capacity forklift on-site and deliver a longer lifecycle.

None of this would be possible without Cummins Fort McMurray, Beairsto & Associates Engineering, Parkland Geotechnical Consulting, Knelsen Sand & Gravel, McMurray Concrete Cutting & Coring and of course, all the Proform Concrete Services crew members that worked on this project. This is the first time this construction technology had been applied in an industrial application in Alberta and we are so excited to be recognized for this innovation. Congratulations to each one of you!

Thank you to the Alberta Chapter of ACI for hosting such a prestigious event and congratulations to all the other winners and finalists!