Introducing the patented Shuttabloc™ Wall System that is practical in terms of both technology and cost and used for earth retaining, bulk material storage or building construction.

This wall system is the solution to reducing labor and eliminating on-site forming costs associated with cast in place cantilevered walls.  Shuttabloc™ elements provide you with a quickly erected precast cantilevered wall designed to withstand significant impact from loading plant or to retain high loads.  Choose from factory controlled smooth or formliner finish.

  • Can be manufactured in a variety of heights
  • Hollow cores can be filled or reinforced with concrete if required
  • Continuous concrete wall system
  • Up to 50% reduction in build time compared to full on-site construction
  • Only requires a concrete footing

The benefits of precast - the performance of cast in place.

*Proform is a sub-licensee under Tricon Precast, Ltd., the North American Master Licensee for Poundfield Products